Welcome to Abbeywood Packaging

Abbeywood Packaging are one of the UK's most established Independent Stretch Film Convertors with over 15 years of trading.

Founded in 1993, Abbeywood Packaging started the early years of its life as general packaging merchants. Over the course of three years, we noticed that 75% of its sales were going towards hand pallet stretch film, which in turn was putting more pressure on our suppliers to deliver our materials on time which were not always met, this also affected the service to our customers. With this in mind, we decided to invest in machinery allowing us to control quality and service and bring down lead times.

Over the years, as the business has grown, we have invested in more automated machinery which allows us to concentrate and cope with a high demand for the conversion of hand pallet stretch film.

For further information about Abbeywood Packaging Ltd please feel free to take a look around our site.